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The big update has finally arrived!

Hey! How's everyone's 2021 been so far? It's crazy to think my last post was back in October... X'D

As you can see, everything's been resized and simplified to make navigation more convenient. The coding was rewritten and reorganized so I can easily add and/or remove features. Pages were removed as they were either unnecessary or still need a revamp, the "Characters" page being apart of the latter. Finally, the navigation buttons now lead to their proper destinations... I don't understand why I never made a "Links" page in the previous update but it's here now, as simple as it is!

It's been busy behind the scenes. I won't dump it all here but I lacked the motivation to keep working on the website, nor was I in the right mindset to act properly. Don't worry about me though, I've taken steps to improve upon myself and I'm confident I can focus on the website a bit more now! Speaking of which, I'm thinking of updating the website every two months instead of one, that way I won't overwhelm myself.

Thank you for your patience. Have a wonderful day! <3