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The Imagitorium's Grand Opening

Hello fellow internet traveller! Whether you came from a special invitation or through the door, I bid you a warm welcome to the grand opening of the Imagitorium, a website revolving around the works I've made.

I've always wanted to make a website of my very own after exploring the vast amount I've seen here on Neocities, so here's hoping you'll have a jolly good time exploring my evergrowing "mindscape"! The key ingredients to make this all work is to have fun with it whilst making something worthwhile, so it wouldn't be wise to expect things to be completely static as changes will be made, varying from smaller updates to bigger events. I also plan on providing updates every month so there's something to look forward to as the weeks go by.

Alright, that should cover everything I have to say. Thank you so much for attending the party, it means the omniverse to me! Remember to take care of yourself and have a wonderful day today!