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Imagitorium is changing... literally!

Hi there!


  1. The "About" page has been simplified into a business card. My contact and social medias won't be listed until I figure things out (more @ "Important Announcement")
  2. Gallery now has buttons instead of plain ol' text

Upcoming Plans

  1. I'm thinking of making weekly comic strips, that way there's some activity
  2. More pages will be added to Gallery

Important Announcement
For the final topic, Imagitorium is going through a rebrand! While the name will always be near and dear to my heart, I made the mistake of not doing my research. It's already taken by several folks and I refuse to add any more confusion.

The new name I've come up with is "Havoc Manor" (havocmanor)! My characters wreak havoc in their stories and all of them to connect to a handle, like a house... if that makes any sense! I've been setting it as my social media handles and will set it as the website's name once this update goes online. I'm also gonna have to edit the website assets and coding... fun! :')

I apologize if this is an inconvienence, I hope you can understand and I thank you for your time! See you later!